Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Kelvis!

Well, this is not Kelvis, this is The Editor (no, not the weird alien kid in the shopping cart, I mean I'm The Editor, and not Kelvis), and I am here to welcome Kelvis to the blogosphere with her very own blog: Valley Grrrl.

I'm sure she will regale her readers with stories to make them laugh, share her scathingly brilliant ideas, and for the most part, be really cool.

Her husband is LA Barabbas, who has been guest blogging for me the past few days. I'm hoping he will allow me to set up a real live blog for him, since he so enjoys posting on my blog.

Today is Christmas Day, and I just made Kelvis a Peppermint Mocha--this seemed to highly please her. I also brought home a bag of little chocolate doughnuts last night. In this way, I bend her will. Little Chocolate Doughnuts folks--they are one of the few things that will cause the Kelvis to just plain like you.

Anyway, this blog is my Christmas gift to my little sister (and by "little" I mean younger, because she is certainly taller than me, and could probably take me in a fight, not that I'm a lightweight or anything...) so that she can be hip and modern and part of the 21st century geekdom.

Welcome her!

The Editor


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