Friday, June 23, 2006


So - what's with people that think they are the only person getting on or getting off an elevator? I was standing alone in the elevator today at the doctor's office. The door opens at the floor I needed and I started toward the door. To my surprise there was a man literally straddling the door as it opened. He began to just rush in - practically walked right over me.

I, being the polite girl that I am, said, "excuse me." He laughs and says "oh, I didn't expect anyone to be in here."

Um, why? Why would you think that there would not be anyone on an elevator at a medical complex at 10am on a Friday morning? Is there some unwritten rule that says no one goes to the doctor on Friday morning and anyone who does would not ride an elevator?

Ug. It just kind of bugged me.


Blogger The Editor said...

For years in LA I had to brave the crazed elavator riders in my office building. They do seem to think that they are the only folks getting on or off at any given floor.

I do not miss it.

8:45 PM, June 26, 2006  

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