Friday, June 02, 2006

Uh-Oh Someone's Bored

Check out some of these things I found instead of doing what I SHOULD be doing.

The Morning news announced the winner of its plagiarism contest:

Sloppy Seconds With Opal Mehta
by Bonnie Furlong

The rules were as follows:

- Your final piece is limited to 750 of other peoples' words; none of those words may be your own.
- All material must be cited (author, work, page number). This is the only part where you have to be honest; unlike professional publishers, we're actually going to check.
- You must plagiarize from a minimum of five different books by as many authors as you wish. The only demand we make is that those books were published at some point, somewhere.
- You must lift only phrases, whole sentences, or passages. No single-word citations allowed.

We heard this cool story on NPR on our way to play poker last Sunday. I meant to go to and email it to my sister (thus making it one of the most emailed stories of the day) but I forgot all about it till right now. Maybe she heard it already, or maybe she'll see this blog and go check it out.

Careful, this one's very addictive.

OK - that's it for now.



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