Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Modest Needs

My office mate turned me on to a very interesting organization the other day. It's called Modest Needs and it's pretty amazing.

Remember that movie "Pay it Forward" that came out a few years back with Kevin Spacey, Hellen Hunt and that Haley Joel Osment kid from "The Sixth Sense"? OK the flick blew, but the sentiment was good. Well, this organization took the pay it forward idea and ran with it.

People who are a little hard up and need a helping hand can post requests. Then, the rest of us less hard up folks offer to help them out. People generally ask for simple stuff like help paying the gas bill or a car payment - stuff like that. It's pretty cool.

I want to encourage any of ya'll who might find yourself with a little extra change in your pocket to just check it out. Who among us hasn't been strapped for cash at some point and had to make a decision to rob Peter to pay Paul?


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