Sunday, July 09, 2006

Niagara Falls

So, I was sitting up here in Man Room (LA-B's office) posting some random items on Ebay. It was HOT. Hell hot. Like 90 degrees hot. One might think that I was sitting in some sort of sun room or screen porch or even on a balcony. No, I was inside. In our house, it was 90 degrees. I know it was ACTUALLY 90 degrees because I looked at the little display on the thermostat and it told me so.

So, there I was, posting on Ebay and sweating like a Sumo Wrestler. I had crap all over LA-B's desk. Amongst the crap was a big glass of ice water. Did I mention it was hot? So, I reach for some random item so I could post it for sale on Ebay and as I reach, I knock over my big glass of ice water. EFF! The water spills all over the desk. It spills into the keyboard. It runs under the mouse. I scramble. LA-B scrambles. We wipe and soak and hold the keyboard upside down and hold the mouse in the air. It was a sight.

That was this afternoon around 3:30pm. Shortly after, we discovered that the computer was running in what seemed to be slow motion. What wasn't running in slow motion was my guilt. I think I just effed up LA-B's swanky new Mac that I got him for our anniversary.

It's almost 1am now. I have hooked up my shitty old iMac keyboard and the swanky new mouse LA-B got for me a few weeks ago. They seem to be working ok so far. But what I don't get is why would a soggy keyboard make the computer seem to run in slo-mo? I searched all around the Apple site and Google and can't find a clue.

So I put it out there to any of ya'll who might actually still read this rant. Any clues? Should I just head out to the Apple store tomorrow and buy a new mouse & keyboard for LA-B? Or did the water somehow creep through the lines and infiltrate the hard drive?

Ug. Why do I break everything? Why can't we have anything nice?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey lady!

Don't freak out yet. Wait till morning and see if it dries out. It might just be ok!



2:22 AM, July 09, 2006  
Blogger -Dave said...

I type this on my 3rd new keyboard in 9 months. I have the bad habit of having drinks close by.

First spill... half the keys did'nt work,I tried letting dry out and didn't work. My friend said put the keyboard in the dishwasher with no soap. Nope didn't work.Bought a new one.

Second spill..G typed F, A typed SSDZ and the space bar did not work at all.I opened the whole puppy up and discovered the inner workings of a keyboard. I wiped it clean and let dry and then discovered how impossible it is to put back together, bought a new one.

3rd spill was due to a falling shelf.
Didn't even try to fix went straight to my nearest Apple store.

My sympathies. 3rd time was the charm and now keep all liquid beyond a 5 foot radius.

9:09 AM, July 10, 2006  

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