Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mystery Suit

So, a while back I was sitting on the couch holding Tenacious G and a knock came on the door. Now, we live in a complex with a security gate so people generally can't just walk up to our door and knock. They have to call from outside the gate and we buzz them in. There are 2 exceptions to this - fellow residents and the Fed Ex guy. When it's the Fed-Ex guy he drops the box on the step, knocks on the door and walks off. I know it's him because by the time I get to the door to look through the peep hole, there is no one there. That was the case on this particular day and it took me off guard because this was long before I started ordering all of my Christmas presents online and well after the initial onslaught of baby gifts.

Anyway, I open the door and there sits this box. I bring it in, look at the return address and see that it is from a Paul Morse / The Wee Shop in Woonsocket, RI. OK, definitely a baby gift. I tear open the box and find a knitted suit - a sort of dress top and pants - all white with little green shamrocks on the breast of the dress. Very cute. Very old school looking. I went back to the box to get the card to see who sent us this lovely outfit and came up empty. There was nothing. No card, no invoice, no NOTHING.


No worries, this has happened before and I just called the store and asked whom I could thank for the gift. Of course, that store was Babies R Us and I knew there 1-800 number. Getting the digits to the Wee Shop has proven impossible. It doesn't seem to exist. No website, no yellow page listing in Woonstruck, RI, nothing. Also no listing for a Paul Morse.

So now we have this pretty little thing and I don't know who to thank. It's very strange - the situation, not the little suit.

Anyway, there you go. Just thought I'd write about the little mystery suit.


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