Friday, October 06, 2006

(formerchild)STAR Sighting in Silverlake

I spent a lovely afternoon with the fabulous Rhachel yesterday which ended with us strolling around Silverlake poking our heads into all the fun and quirky shops full of tchotchkies. (wow, I spelled that right on the first try!)

Along the way we stopped in to Pull My Daisy to pet the shop mascot Bingo, and say hi to Rhachel's friend, and owner of the shop, Sara. We stepped outside so Sara could choke a smoke and share with us her list of questions she's been using to
interview potential wedding dates for an upcoming friends' nuptials. As we chatted about the absurdity of a cash bar at the wedding Bingo ran up the sidewalk to say hi to a little girl who was walking with her mom. The pair stopped in front of the store to give Bingo some love and the mom exchanged pleasantries with Sara. I, sat with goofy grin on my face. Why? Because the mom was formerchildstar Quinn Cummings!

I live in LA. Seeing stars here is like seeing deer cross the road in rural parts of the northeast. It's no big deal. Or at least we like to pretend that it is. But, when I see someone who was a star back in the day when I lived no where near LA, I always get a little thrill. In this case, I know Rhachel was oblivious and I suspect Sara was as well. Not that I am a granny by any means, but I was really little when Quinn was in the limelight and Rhachel is about 8 years younger than me. So, she had no exposure to the little girl who was nominated for a Golden Globe and an academy Award for her performance as Marsha Mason's straight talking daughter in "The Goodbye Girl."

And she surely never waited with baited breath to watch the next episode of "Family" (not so much to be entertained by Quinn Cummings as Annie Cooper, the Lawrence's adopted daughter, but to see if Buddy played by Kristy McNichol would actually give it up and have sex with (gasp) Zack played by (sigh) Leif Garret.)

Anyway, there she was, Quinn Cummings, strolling along with her little daughter, petting Bingo and making my day.


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