Friday, September 22, 2006


Look, I LOVE living in Southern California. I love the beach. I love Hollywood. I love that there are Del Taco drive throughs open till the wee hours of the morning on each end of my block.

What I have yet to fall in love with in the Southland is the lack of clearly defined "seasons." Today is supposed to be the first day of Fall. But, here in the Valley, it might as well be July 4th. The forecast for the next few days doesn't say sweaters and hot coffee drinks. It says flip flops and iced latte's.
Fri Sat Sun
Partly Cloudy Clear Clear
Partly Cloudy Clear Clear
72° | 57° 86° | 60° 91° | 59°

Come on. I want to wear socks again and cuddle up under my quilt dreaming of what yummy comfort food I'm gonna make for dinner.


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