Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On one of my lasts visits to Tennessee when it was still home, my mom got a hankering for German Potato Salad. It's something we used to get all the time when we lived in Batavia, but for some reason it wasn't so easy to find in East Tennessee. I went to every grocery store in 2 counties trying to find one stupid can of it for my mom. I think I knew as much as I didn't want to know, that it might be the last time she got to enjoy this tasty treat. I am sad to say that I failed her then. I could not find it anywhere. Nor had I been able to find it in any grocery store in any city that I've visited since. I look. It's a thing I do. I go to the canned goods aisle and I look by the canned potatoes just to see. I've looked in California, Oregon, Nevada, Kentucky, Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho and even Hawaii and had yet to find it. Until, last night. I went to the Jon's Market right around the corner from my house to get some deli meat. It's considerably cheaper there and they have yummy fresh bread. So, there I was meandering down the canned goods aisle looking for mandarin oranges when my eye drifted up out of habit. And what to my wandering eyes did appear but a can of Read German Potato Salad. I swear I stood in that grocery store and nearly wept.

I will be enjoying that salad tonight along with some Polska Kielbasa and sauerkraut. And I couldn't be more excited.