Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just Rude

So, yesterday I posted with glee that my oh so talented husband, LA-B has accomplished something pretty effin cool. His script has moved into the next round at Sundance. YAY.

This morning, I decide to check the comments to see if anyone had anything to say about this. There was one comment from someone who identified herself simply as Jen. Her comment? One would expect it would be some words of encouragement or praise for LA-B. Or at the very least, something remotely related to the post, me, or my blog.

Nope. It simply said "check out my online jewelry store."

Um, what? Really? Did my blog say "this space for rent. Go the eF ahead and post your ad here!" NO.

I wrote about the most exciting thing to happen to my family since we got those 2 pink lines and she thinks it's ok to post her spammy ad for her shitty jewelry? Can you tell this Valley Grrrl is pissed off?

I promptly went to her site and left my own comment. The Editor warned me not to do it for fear that Jen might retaliate and "flame" me. I said, "Bring it ON." But I was polite. I said something to the effect of "What made you think it was cool to post an ad for your site on my blog comments? I don't even know you. I am a DIY girl myself and I respect that you are trying to make a buck, but there are much more appropriate ways to go about pimping your line."

I say that it was something to that effect, because within a few hours of me posting that comment, she removed it.

You know, the thing is, if she had read my post and somehow tied it in to her "oh, he sounds creative. Speaking of creative...I make jewelry, you might want to check it out. Maybe when he sells that script and you guys have to go to those swanky awards shows, you could wear one of my pieces." See, then I would be cool with it. But she clearly didn't even read my post. Argh.

So, Jen, in case you come slinking back over to see if I am still ticked, and you BOTHER to read my little blaHg, I would direct you to another post by Cafe Mama in which she discusses blog etiquette. Under the "Appropriate Comments" heading she writes:

The number two rule about appropriate comments is to always make your comments applicable and unique. ...In addition, even if you have something REALLY great to tell everyone, don't tell them on a comment forum unless it is applicable to the discussion at hand. Let's say you are releasing a new issue of your literary journal, you've slaved over it for months. Even if you are visiting your best friend's blog, you don't want to leave a comment advertising your literary accomplishment on a post about your friend's visit to the latest blog convention. Wait until your friend posts about the new book she's reading, or about how much she loves you. If you're visiting a stranger's blog, the rule should be even more strict; wait until you see a post about all the up-and-coming writers from your neck of the woods. It would be appropriate, now, to remind the stranger that he had somehow missed your talents.


Blogger Joe Powell said...

wait a minute -- ya mean yer married to that LA-B Boy? i thought ya'll was just dating.

blog ettiquite sounds like an italian food of some kind.

weird spamming troll lurkers was something i thought was in a Lord of the Rings story.

as the above comments attests - i am deeply uninformed on many topics.

7:49 PM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger Kelvis said...

Are you smoking corn husks out there in Big Orange country? Me and LA-B have been married for 5 years!

12:50 AM, July 16, 2006  
Anonymous what to do when pregnant said...

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1:59 AM, November 29, 2011  

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