Friday, August 04, 2006

I See Red

I had lunch with my friend Lil D yesterday. She recently had the wind knocked out of her in the dodgeball game of life. I can certainly relate. I got whacked by that vicious red rubber ball myself a little over a year ago and I know how much it stings.

Lil D asked me if it ever gets better.

"Well..." I said, chewing on my yummy Thai salad. "No."

I went on to explain that it kind of goes in remission, but just when you stop thinking about it, the welt opens up and starts to throb.

Now, I feel bad about saying that. It does get better. It never goes away, but eventually you go back to your life and learn to see colors again and hear birds chirp and taste ice cream.

So, hang in there Lil D, time really does heal all wounds. Even red rubber ball rash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are fantastic

i love you friend. so happy for you.

--lil D

8:39 PM, August 05, 2006  

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