Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Biggest Fear

There are many things that scare me (ordering pizza, Teddy Bear's Picnic, movies about demonic possession). But the thing that scares me the most crossed my path today. The REALLY REALLY OLD LADY crossing the street. Yep. This sight brings me to tears. She is OLD. Methuselah old. SO old that she hunches over and practically walks on all 4's. Or hobbles on all 4's I suppose.
She's got shocking white hair and always a dress that is far too big for her withered frame.

You've seen her. You've all seen her. She shuffles slowly through the crosswalk moving slower than a snail. You shutter as you watch the traffic light, knowing it is going to change from red to green at any second. You look around at the drivers of the other cars to see if everyone else is as terrified as you and wonder if everyone will show her compassion and ignore the light for a few extra minutes to allow her to complete her journey. You pray that there is no asshole among you that would dare honk his horn in an effort to encourage her to do the impossible - speed up.

As the seconds tic, your mind starts to write her story. Who is she? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Why is she all alone? It's this last question that leaves you feeling cold. It's this last question that plagues me still - nearly 8 hours after seeing her.

I am frozen with fear as I contemplate walking in her shoes. I know I am going to get old, really old, someday. And the thought just paralyzes me. It sends chills down my spine. I literally sit in my car and start to cry - not out of sympathy or pity for this amazing show of human spirit - but out of sheer terror that I might someday be old and alone and racing against time to get across the street before the light changes.


Blogger LA Barabbas said...

I have the same fear about the old dude I see at the El Pollo Loco, all shakey, trying to eat his combo meal.

I think you and I should stick together.

9:51 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Kelvis said...

Yes, but since El Pollo Loco no longer has their smokey black beans, there won't be anything we can chew. We'll have to be old and shakey in a different fast food joint.

I love you.

9:58 AM, August 02, 2006  

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